Living Zero Waste

Hi! I am a twelve year old girl from Sydney, Australia, and I live in a family which just recently embraced the concept of Zero Waste.

If you’re wondering what Zero Waste is, its not a hard target which you absolutely have to reach; its a long term goal. The thing is, it’s perfectly achievable if you put your mind to it. You set a goal to reduce your waste and try and live in a more environmentally friendly way, through every day things like putting your rubbish in the bin and harder things, like trying to cut down your energy usage and telling your local grocer that you’ll use your own bag instead of a plastic one, even though everyone else is doing it.

It can be difficult to start this new kind of lifestyle, which is why I created this very blog, to help you guys (and to be fair, to help me as well) get more acquainted with this clean way of living! So be sure to check out my regular posts, and we can do this together! 😀